Ulu knife cover

From the first cut to the last bite, the simple act of sharing a meal is a powerful way to preserve history and pass on culinary tradition from one generation to the next. Drawing from a rich history that began inour team of engineers and industry experts design and manufacture thoughtful tools for the modern kitchen, all from our factory in Massachusetts.

Our knives and tools are purpose-designed to fit a need. Close Thin. Your cart Close Alternative. Lamson ships to over Countries Worldwide! View all results. My Account Cart. Quality tools for the modern kitchen! Get yours today! Lamson now ships to over Countries Worldwide! International orders welcome. Email address. Food brings us together From the first cut to the last bite, the simple act of sharing a meal is a powerful way to preserve history and pass on culinary tradition from one generation to the next.

Proudly made in America Drawing from a rich history that began inour team of engineers and industry experts design and manufacture thoughtful tools for the modern kitchen, all from our factory in Massachusetts. Shop Premier BBQ.

ulu knife cover

Unavailable Sold Out.He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. This week, artist, designer, and woodworker, David Picciuto, is showing off this project on his Make Something website and YouTube channel.

On the project page and video belowDavid shows how we made an Alaskan ulu knife for another YouTuber, Christian, who does the cooking channel, Cook with Meat. Using basic cutting, grinding, and drilling tools, David fashions a gorgeous knife and accompanying cutting block.

They use it for everything from skinning game to cutting hair.

ulu knife cover

I love projects like this that seem very approachable, and if undertaken, will result in a tool that you will use all of the time and likely feel immense pride over every time you do.

Sure he used a shopful of tools jigsaw, bandsaw, grinding wheel, sander, sharpening wheel, lathe, drillbut you likely either have most of those tools, can gain easy access to them, or some tools like the sharpening wheelyou could probably do without.

To start with, David made a paper template, spray painted it onto a piece of gauge stainless steel sheet metal, and cut it out using a metal blade on his jigsaw. If you keep the blade well lubricated, metal cutting with this common saw and appropriate blade is more doable than you may think.

Once cut, he sanded the various surfaces of the knife using a disc sander, belt sander, and bastard file. Much polishing, sanding, and sharpening on the blade later and David is ready to cut out the handle pieces.

For these, he uses two pieces of soft maple, glued, and then reinforced with two brass pins. For the butcher block, he glued up some pieces of soft maple and walnut.

When dry, he turned the block on the lathe so that the bowl that he cut into the block was the same as the curvature of the knife blade. If you do, please post about it in the comments below. Latest Gareth Branwyn. By Gareth Branwyn Gareth Branwyn. Related Stories from Make:. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Thanks for signing up. Please try again.No prepper kit or bug-out bag is complete without a survival knife. It is a versatile tool that can be used to open cans, clear a path, cut rope, split wood, hunt small game, skin your prey, and to defend yourself.

Simply put, a survival knife is one of the few items that you simply cannot do without when a challenging situation arises. When it comes to choosing the best survival knife, you need to consider a wide range of factors, which we have listed below.

This is the first thing you need to take care of when buying a survival knife. Many people, especially those who suffer from the John Rambo syndrome, tend to think that a big knife with a large blade is the best choice for survival situations. It is not necessarily true.

While a big knife can be one of the best weapons in a survival situation, you might find it difficult to carry it around. Also, if the blade is too long or too big, you might find it difficult to maneuver it while performing intricate tasks like setting up a snare trap or dressing small game. If the folding knife is too small, on the other hand, you might not be able to use it to baton or split wood.

So, ideally, your survival knife should be around 9 to 11 inches in overall length with 5 inches point blade length.

When it comes to survival situations, a fixed blade knife is a much better choice than a folding knife. While a folding knife is ideal for every day carry, it cannot be used in a survival situation due to the fact that it has a joint, which is a weak point. If you exert too much pressure while splitting or chopping wood, the joint might snap or break. So, make sure you choose a fixed blade knife with a full tang and 5 inches blade length when you are looking for the best survival knife.

In a partial tang knife, the tang portion does not extend fully through the overall length of the handle. In a rat-tailed or skeletonized tang knife, on the other hand, the tang portion fully extends through the handle, but is much narrower in size compared to the fixed blade. The problem with a partial tang knife, rat-tailed tang knife, or a skeletonized tang knife is that it might snap or break at the handle if you put a lot of pressure while splitting or chopping wood.

ulu knife cover

This is why a full tang is your best survival knife in any precarious situation. When it comes to knife blade material, your choices for best survival knives generally boil down to the specific type of steel material: carbon or stainless steel.

Both of these have their own upsides and downsides. Stainless steel blade is known for its exceptional durability for a fixed blade knife.Today, knife handles are mostly made from materials like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fibertitanium, and fiberglass laminate.

These composite materials are layered for maximum durability. Jantz Supply offers a wide variety of materials and supplies for making knife handles. These materials provide a balance of style and functionality, allowing the user to maintain a firm grip on the blade while performing a range of tasks. Bone was a popular material in ancient times and is still seen in modern knife handles to provide a unique look.

Shop Jantz Supply for everything needed to make a high-quality knife at an affordable price! Black Canvas Micarta Quick View translation missing: en. Add to Cart. Black Canvas Micarta Black Paper Micarta Quick View translation missing: en. Black Paper Micarta Ivory Paper Micarta Quick View translation missing: en. Ivory Paper Micarta Maroon Linen Micarta Quick View translation missing: en. Maroon Linen Micarta Original Handles. Black Paper. Black Linen.

Alaskan Ulu Knife

Red Linen. Maroon Linen. Olive Canvas. Profiled Handles For The Series Notify Me! Email me when available Subscribe to this product to receive notification once it become available. Title : Variant :.It is utilized in applications as diverse as skinning and cleaning animals, cutting a child's hair, cutting food and, if necessary, trimming blocks of snow and ice used to build an igloo.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I have always wanted a ULU knife. So I made one. What's needed: Steel of your choicewill make a better blade. Tools to cut out the pattern. I used my plasma cutter. Drilling, cutting with grinder will work too Angle grinder with cutting and grinding discs. To clean up the plasma cutting. Very hot fire for Harding the steel fire pit with BBQ briquettes and a fan will do the same.

Cold water if using basic plate steel or warm water or oil for or steel. Stainless steel needed to be frozen with nitrogen. Ruler, pencil or pen. Leather gloves, eye protection and some time to make your own ULU. I used my angle grinder with a 36 grit flap wheel.

Using a paint pen, I marked the scribed lines to see them better. Now I know what needs to be taken off with the grinder. This also starts my edge. Sanding, filing, sanding more Resting from all the sanding Sanding some more.

The Best 25 Knives Ever Made

Sorry, no photos Put your blade in with the rocks, add some oil of your choice. Cover with coffee lid and duck tape it closed. Wrap two beach towels, one after the other around the coffee can.

Using string to tie the towels around the coffee can. You then have what's called "stone washed knife". Pass the above step if you like. Took the blade and traced the shape on the wood. Then make the lines connect on all 4 sides. Look at the top, mark your center line.

Take the thickness of the blade stock and divide that in half. Blah, blah If you need help centering, just ask I then used a hand drill to make the opening for the blade to fit. Then I heated the of the knife tip up with a torch and burned the wood out.

Perfect fit. Drilled holes for brass pins to hold the handle on.The mezzaluna or "half-moon" knife is one kitchen tool that you never knew you were missing. Because it employs a smooth, even rocking motion to make short work of chopping herbs and veggies, it can be a lifesaver for making quick and tasty meals and salads.

Slice up a pizza like your favorite restaurant or chop up lettuce for a fresh salad — you'll see that the mezzaluna makes dinner prep a whole lot faster and more fun. This 6-inch mezzaluna knife from Checkered Chef is a top-selling mincing knife on Amazon due to its simple ergonomic design and super sharp stainless steel blades. Reviewers love using this knife for chopping up kale and romaine lettuce for fresh salads and sides.

Another top-rated mincing knife, this mezzaluna knife is crafted from one continuous piece of heavy-duty stainless steel with a sharp 5-inch blade for quick and easy chopping of fresh herbs, salad greens, and much more. Reviewers love that this knife is lightweight, comfortable to grip, and dishwasher-safe. This stainless steel rocking knife features a set of two sharp crescent-shaped 5. Reviewers love the smaller size of the blades, especially for chopping salads at home.

If you're limited on storage space or worried about little hands accidentally getting in the way, this folding herb chopper from Joseph Joseph was designed with you in mind. The retractable handles fold over the blade for safe and compact storage, so you can stress less.

It also comes with a protective blade cover for safe storage. This sleek design features two sturdy stainless steel blades to thoroughly cut through fresh herbs, onions, or any other ingredients on the chopping block. Reviewers rave about the super sharp blades and comfortable handles on this model.

This efficient stainless steel slicer has a handsome chrome finish and comfortable handle for a super firm grip. Reviewers love the substantial weight and sharp edges for cutting through heads of romaine lettuce and other salad mix-ins.

Whether you're chopping veggies for a stir-fries, primavera dishes, or hearty salads, this rocking chopper and mincing knife will simplify your meal prep, saving you time and energy. This eye-catching mezzaluna is from KitchenAid, a trusted brand that makes quality utensils. It comes in two different colors and is equipped with a plastic cover as well, so you can store it safely without having any accidents between uses.

Its stainless steel blade is adept at chopping and mincing, and you can toss it straight into the dishwasher when finished. KoBzA's anti-slip mezzaluna is not only a space-saver but it features a comfortable grip that fits neatly into your hand. It's a bit more compact than other choppers, but still every bit as powerful.M super steel is manufactured by Bohler-Uddeholm. It uses third generation powder metal technology and developed for knife blades requiring excellent corrosion resistance and very high hardness for excellent wear resistance.

M hardens to HRC. This composition allows for the metal to have a high wear resistance, high compression strength, superior corrosion resistance, and a very good ability to retain its size and form even after taking abuse But in bladesmith William F. The Truth About Damascus steel. William Woods. The traditional use for Birchbark in Russia and Northern Europe is to make a knife handles. These handles are highly valued for their comfortable grip and beauty.

Check our collection of Rosarms knives with birchbark handles. Blade, Nord Crown, N. Custom, Brutalica and many others We also offering consignment sales, always looking for and presenting to you interesting historical knives and not only from Russia.

Fantastic blade geometry, ergonomics, steel, and heat treatment!

Knife Handle Materials

Elmax is a perfect hard use stainless steel! The only downside is the handles should have torx head screws, that would make the knife perfection! Like apocalypse, super well made and smartly designed. Best of class kydex sheath. This is a huge slab of high quality, razor sharp, saber ground, Elmax steel that is custom crafted into a knife that's just as beautiful as it is functional.

Excellent quality knife! Thick scalloped G10 scales. High quality D2 steel blade. Ball bearings ensure liquid smooth operation.

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